Part 2: Balancing Your Landscape Design with Hardscape & Softscape Features

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In the first part of Dracut Landscaping’s blog series on balancing your landscaping design with hardscape and softscape features, we covered how both can complement each other. Here we go one step further and discuss how choosing the right colors and textures can bring your landscape to life.

Maintaining Your Hardscape & Softscape Features

Maintenance is key to keeping your landscape looking its best all year round. When combining these features, professionals often recommend a mix of both high and low-maintenance plants to make things easier for homeowners. Additionally, matching the right plants to hardscaping features will be key for future plant growth.

How Softscapes Add Color, Texture, & Visual Interest

When it comes to softscape design, there are a number of things to consider. Firstly, color plays an important role in softscape design, as plants and flowers can add a variety of visual elements to enhance your property and exterior design scheme. The texture of various plants and shrubs can also add an interesting element to your landscape. Most often, it’s recommended to choose three colors to focus on to create a subtle, yet vibrant balance to complement your home’s style and design.

Ground Cover: Pebbles, Mulch, & Ornamental Grasses

Another consideration to make is the type of ground cover you want for your landscape. You may want to invest in new lawn installation to revitalize your property, or scented sod to create a more unique yard. There are also numerous plant varieties that create a great ground cover, such as creeping vines. Pebbles are a great choice for areas that receive high traffic or if you want to create a contrasting look. Mulch and peat moss also work well and can help minimize pest infestation. Ornamental grasses are also a good choice for homeowners that want something unique but easy to manage.

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