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Hydro Seeding New Lawn

    Whether you’re building up a new property from scratch, renovating an existing property, or just want to start over with a great new lawn Dracut Landscaping has the tools, the contacts, and the experience to ensure your new lawn installation looks amazing.

    For over thirty years, we’ve proudly served the Dracut, MA, area with top-quality landscaping and lawn installation services. Hundreds of lawns have benefitted from our expertise, and we can do the same for you. We’re also fully licensed and insured, so you can rest assured that your property is safe in our hands.

    Building A Better Lawn with Dracut Landscaping

    Our lawn installation work starts with a full site survey, as well as extensive discussions with you to understand your needs and your budget. Our focus on customer satisfaction is how we’ve built our reputation and kept our regular customers happy year after year. After evaluating the soil conditions, watering options, and available sunlight, we can recommend the right approach to creating your new lawn.

    These can include:


    This is best for new lawns on bare earth, with a good grade, soil depth, and soil quality. If necessary, we have the tools to do full site preparation, such as sub-grading for proper draining, installation of topsoil, and other improvements.


    When the soil is damaged, thin, or spotty, power-seeding provides best results. We’ll utilize a premium-quality grass seed blend chosen to do best in challenging site conditions.

    Sod Installation:

    Don’t want to wait for a full lawn to grow in Sod can be installed any time in the growing season, and provide rapid results however, it does need plenty of water and sunlight to thrive.

    Hydro Seeding New Lawn
    Lawn Installation Services in Dracut, MA
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    Committed to Delivering a Beautiful New Lawn

    Growing a healthy lawn takes time and won’t happen overnight: It takes time for a newly-seeded lawn to develop into a dense stand of turfgrass. The best results depend upon sufficient watering, proper mowing, and continued maintenance. We stand behind our work and follow up after seeding or sod installation to evaluate that the results are to your satisfaction.

    Regularly scheduled fertilization along with weed and insect control are important so that your new lawn continues to thrive. We provide lawn maintenance programs to ensure your new lawn looks great for years to come.

    When Is the Best Time to Seed?

    We can help you create a magnificent landscape any time of year except winter, but for best results, we recommend doing your seeding and other landscape work in the late summer or early fall. This gives the new grass time to grow in and mature, before the harsh Massachusetts winter sets in. Weeds are less of a problem at this time as well, so the new grass won’t have competition.

    Dracut Landscaping - Lawn Services

    Whatever time and technique you choose for lawn installation near you, we’ll stick with you in the months ahead, providing maintenance and helping your new lawn thrive.

    If it’s time for a new lawn in Dracut, there’s only one company to call: Dracut Landscaping.