Part 1: Balancing Your Landscape Design with Hardscape & Softscape Features

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When considering beautifying your outdoor living spaces, consider hardscape and softscape design. What is the difference? Hardscape features are patio retaining walls, granite steps, granite benches, and everything made of brick, concrete, stone, nonorganic plants, and materials. In contrast, softscape is the living plants you add to your landscape, the beautiful colorful bushes, plants, flower beds, and more. All you must remember is living vs. non-living.

When creating a breathtaking landscape, putting thought into your landscape design is essential. One of the best ways to make your landscape stand out is by including hardscape and softscape features and more traditional things like gardening beds and planting trees and shrubs.

However, creating the right balance is essential, which is why the hardscape landscaping professionals from Dracut Landscaping have collected some important insight for you here in our first article on balancing your landscaping design with hardscape and softscape features.

How Does Landscape Design Work?

Landscaping design primarily involves an aesthetic and a functional purpose, and most often, it’s the first thing installed on your landscape before any softscape features. In addition, hardscaping is a way to implement structural features that beautify your property and help protect it. Some of the most common hardscape features include stone patios or walkways and retaining stone walls or manufactured blocks designed to minimize the effects of erosion on your property.

Hardscaping will often include drainage solutions to ensure water runoff is directed away from your property. Landscaping professionals will also consider the natural features of your property and the overall space, size, and layout they must work with while designing a hardscaping plan.

Incorporating Hardscaping & Softscaping into Your Landscape Design

Combining hardscape and softscape features into your landscape will often complement or contrast each other, depending on a homeowner’s tastes. The style of your home will also play a role in the process. For example, more modern homes might require a streamlined, contemporary look in the yard, while older homes might benefit from a classic landscaping look. Maintenance considerations also play an important role when combining hardscape and landscape features and should include plans to deal with future plant growth.

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