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Commercial Snow Plow

When it comes to snow removal for your commercial property, hiring the right snow plow service is essential for the safety of your employees, customers, and residents during the winter months in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Whether the property is a retail location, commercial office building, apartment building, or condominium/townhouse association, understanding what should go into a snow plow contract is important. Paying attention to the fine print in your commercial snow plow contract is vital, Dracut Landscaping are snow removal professionals and has been a snow plow contractor in the Dracut area for over 30 years. We have collected some of the most important things to keep in mind here for your snow management during the winter season!

Scope of Service

Although the scope of service will vary depending upon your needs as well as the snow removal provider, some of the most common contractual must-haves should include:


Proper snow staking is required to keep your landscape areas nice. Especially if you have islands in your parking lots, make sure snow staking is part of the contract, and it’s clear who is responsible if damage occurs. For example, will the contractor fix the sprinkler heads or parking lot island curbs in the spring, or is the property owner liable?

When Snow Removal Commences:

When snowstorms start, the common question is, “when is the plow guy coming.” Often, snow removal contracts will stipulate when snow removal commences based on the amount of snowfall you receive (usually two inches of accumulation or more).


Your commercial snow removal contract should have a clear, detailed timeline of the removal and service period. Most often, the season will range from the first of November to the end of March. In addition, for overnight storms, it should be clear what time areas will be cleared to allow your customers and residents to move about the property safely.

Fire Hydrants:

All fire hydrants and storm drains must be clear after snowstorms. Making all fire hydrants accessible should clearly state who is responsible for this task in the contract.

Services Provided:

A reliable commercial snow removal company will provide clear directions when it comes to snow removal services, such as plowing and deicing to make sure all pathways, roadways, walkways, loading dock areas, and parking lots are always clear. This should also include pathways to trash disposal areas and mailboxes.

Equipment & Materials:

Commercial snow plow companies should stipulate the equipment and materials used in the snow removal contract. For example, the contractor needs to specify adequate equipment such as spreading trucks, snowplows, snow blowers, snow tractors, Bobcats, salt and deicing materials, and the appropriate manpower. You don’t want to hire a contractor with inadequate equipment, meaning a bunch of workers with hand shovels and a one-stage snow blower. Also, make sure it’s clear if they will come back and sand or salt during those periods of winter thaw and freeze.

Storm Cleanup Services:

A good commercial snow removal contract will also include duties necessary to clean up after a significant snowstorm. As we know, many Nor’easters can bring high winds, which tree limbs can snap and be all around the property. Therefore, the contract should include things such as the removal of trees or fallen branches when possible. In addition, for storms that occur overnight or outside of business hours, the snow removal company should ensure that all designated areas for snow removal are cleared no later than 6:00 a.m. or before any employees or customers would arrive at your place of business.

Snow Relocation:

In terms of relocating snow removed from your commercial property, your snow removal contract should have clearly designated areas where snow is contained on your property. Some winters are more brutal than others. Make sure the contract has options for Snow Removal. If the piles are getting too high, encroaching on needed parking areas, or blocking visibility, loading the snow into dump trucks and moving it off the property should be in the contract.


Some contracts will include a barrel of salt/deicer left on the property premise to maintain safety for snow and ice management. The contractor will ensure they are full throughout the winter.

Ongoing Maintenance:

Throughout the contract period, your snow removal company will be required to provide ongoing maintenance, which will include inspection of your commercial property before and after storms, as well as providing adequate snow and deicing materials for staff to use in high-traffic areas.


It’s important to review the insurance and liability policy the snow contract holds. They should be able to present a certificate of insurance. The contract should clearly have an indemnification clause for the property owners and the contractor.

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