Learn About Hardscape Landscaping: Seven Types of Hardscaping

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What Is Hardscaping?

Hardscaping involves any outdoor structure that is made with non-living materials such as concrete, wood, brick, stone, or gravel. These include manmade structures such as patios, driveways, walkways, fire pits, and fountains. The opposite of hardscaping is softscaping, which includes living material such as plants, trees, and flower beds.

The Difference Between Hardscaping and Landscaping

Landscape design uses hardscapes, such as walkways, fountains, and other structures, as well as softscapes, including plants, flowers, and trees that complement each other in a space. Hardscape landscaping is a great way to transform your yard and better your outdoor living experience, providing both structure and functionality.

Types of Hardscaping

Here’s a brief run-down of 7 types of hardscaping that could add to the visual appeal of your outdoor space.

  1. Stone pathways: Stone pathways are made up of materials such as natural stone or concrete pavers, providing easy access to other parts of your garden.
  2. Fire pits: An outdoor fireplace or fire pit provides great function and allows for a more relaxing outdoor space.
  3. Gazebos and pergolas: Gazebos and pergolas are forms of hardscaping that can come in numerous shapes, sizes, styles, and materials. They are freestanding structures that allow for shade and shelter to make an outdoor gathering more comfortable.
  4. Retaining walls: Retaining walls are usually found at the bottom or at the top of a hill and they offer protection to softscape by creating a barrier that dams up dirt and water runoff.
  5. Fountains: Fountains, paved garden streams, and other water features are a great way of giving your outdoor living space a relaxing ambiance and a focal point.
  6. Decks and patios: Made up materials such as concrete and wood, decks and patios allow you to extend a living space into your yard.
  7. Driveways: Driveways allow for a pathway for your car into your property. They are normally made up materials such as concrete, stone, brick, and asphalt that are durable and load-bearing. Although homes usually come with built-in driveways, some homeowners choose to replace the material if it’s run-down.

How Hardscaping Can Increase the Value of a Home

Hardscape landscaping costs can add up, but at the same time, they increase the value of your property. Elements such as a fire pit, a fountain, or a pergola, could give your space a face-lift and allow for increased livability, functionality, and value.

Hardscape Landscaping with Dracut Landscaping

With hardscape landscaping, our team at Dracut Landscaping can help you design a landscape that is creative, beautiful, and efficient.

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