How to Take Care of a Lawn with Lots of Shade

Take Care of a Lawn with Lots of Shade

A green, healthy lawn is the goal for every homeowner. However, this may not be possible in areas with a lot of shade. Here are a few tips to help care for a lawn with much shade and how new lawn installation can help you start on the right foot with a shady lawn.

Choose Grasses That Can Handle much Shade

A few kinds of grass can tolerate a lot of shade. These include fescue, clover, and Bermuda grass. These grasses will grow tall and have a dense appearance, which can help with a shady lawn.

Take Care of the Lawn with Deep, Infrequent Irrigation

Irrigating the lawn regularly in areas with much shade is important. This will help to keep the grass green and healthy. A professional landscaping company should install irrigation systems. An irrigation system can also be programmed to run on a regular schedule, making maintenance much more manageable.

Pruning Branches and Other Foliage

It is also essential to selectively prune tree branches in areas with much shade. This will help to keep the tree from shading the lawn. There should be enough cover for the lawn to grow in these areas without blocking too much sunlight and preventing the grass from growing fast enough to remain green and healthy.

Mowing Technique and Schedule Matters

Mowing your lawn too short or not mowing it enough is one of the biggest mistakes you can make when taking care of a lawn with much shade. Mowing the lawn at a regular height will help to keep the grass green and healthy. A landscaping company will handle this for you in a way that considers the type of grass, climate, and how fast it is growing.


There are a few tips to keep in mind when fertilizing a lawn with much shade. First, make sure to use a fertilizer specifically designed for shade. Second, make sure to apply the fertilizer at a regular time. Third, ensure to water the lawn well after fertilizing it, with the right amount of water and time running the irrigation system or sprinklers.

Start With Professional Lawn Installation from Dracut Landscaping

If you’re unsure how to handle a lawn with lots of shade, start with a professional lawn installation from Dracut Landscaping. Our team of experienced professionals will help to install the right irrigation system, fertilize the lawn, and mow the lawn at the right height. We’ll also help to create a yard that is both beautiful and healthy in any type of climate.

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