How Proper Landscaping in MA Can Help Winterize Your Plants

Proper Landscaping in MA

As we get into the winter months and prepare for the holidays, it’s crucial not to overlook the impending arrival of winter. If your landscape is adorned with numerous plants, you’re likely contemplating the optimal way to safeguard them during winter. Given the effort invested in nurturing your plants, ensuring their survival through winter is a priority so your property can maintain its look come spring.  

Dracut Landscaping is ready to assist you when it is time to winterize your plants from the harsh winter conditions of Massachusetts. Read on to find out some measures you can take to shield the plants in your landscape from the rigors of winter weather.

Understand the Needs of Fragile and Robust Plants

Certain plants can withstand cold weather in Massachusetts without any issues, while others are more susceptible to damage. To simplify winter plant maintenance, include primarily hardy plants in your garden. However, if you prefer the aesthetic appeal of delicate tender plants, you can protect them by gently wrapping them using breathable covers such as burlap bags during the winter. Alternatively, put these plants in pots and relocate them to a sheltered location during winter.

Ensure the Roots Are Protected Through Insulation

The foundation for healthy plants lies in maintaining healthy roots. To protect and insulate the roots, you can use a layer of mulch or alternatively utilize burlap or a breathable tarp to provide insulation to your plants’ roots. It’s also essential to keep the soil moist because it retains heat better than dry soil, meaning you should water your plants before the arrival of the first frost.

You can continue to water them even after the frost has occurred, but it’s advisable to do so during daylight hours when the temperature is above freezing. Especially if we had a dry summer, extra fall water will help. When the temperatures drop, and the ground freezes roughly from December through March, plants do not absorb water (drink). Unless you water them, plants can go for six months without significant water. Lately, we have some warm days in the winter when snow melts and even gets rain. When snow builds up, it serves as a natural insulator, so avoid clearing it away from your plants. However, if the snow is becoming too heavy and threatens to damage the branches, you should gently remove it.

Plan Your Planting Location Mindfully

Salt ensures road safety, but it can be detrimental to your plants. It’s advisable to refrain from planting near roads or walkways where salt may infiltrate the soil and harm its root systems. Alternatively, you can explore substitutes such as sand or opt for plants that can tolerate salt in those specific areas.

Why Choose Professional Landscaping in MA with Dracut Landscaping?

As a landscaping company that has been in the industry for several years, we know the ins and outs of professional landscaping and put our skills to work when we take on your landscaping project. Whether it’s choosing the correct plants for your yard type or protecting your yard for the cold months, we can help.

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