All You Need to Know About Uneven Lawns (Part 2)

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Previously in this blog series, we talked about what causes unevenness in lawns and how one can go about fixing mild and moderate unleveled lawns. In this part, Dracut Landscaping covers how to fix severely uneven lawns and some bonus tips on how one can avoid uneven lawns altogether!

Tips to Maintain a Healthy Lawn

To ensure that your lawn is in optimum health at all times, it is advised to keep it clean and sanitary. Regular mowing, dethatching, and aerating can add to the health and lifespan of your lawn.

It is also desirable to conduct frequent checks to make sure that no pest infestation or other underlying problem is taking a toll on your beautiful lawn.

Lastly, you should also be mindful of the DON’Ts of lawn leveling. Some main ones are to avoid leveling your lawn if it is frozen, flooded, or in the middle of treatment against pests or disease.

Leveling a Severely Uneven Lawn

A severely uneven lawn is quite undesirable. It can cause safety hazards, drainage issues, grass scalping, improper mowing, and a number of other problems.

Usually, you should seek to maintain your lawn well and invest time in looking after its upkeep at regular intervals to prevent bumps and depressions. However, if for some reason, your yard has become unleveled, and severely so, it is best to take prompt action towards restoring it.

Should I Hire Professionals?

Leveling a severely uneven lawn can prove to be very demanding and time-consuming. Depending on the extent of wear, you may even need to re-sod your lawn. If the damage seems serious, then it’s best to get an expert to look at them.

Having professionals level and restore your severely uneven lawn can not only help you in rebuilding your yard to its former glory but also aid you in identifying and weeding out underlying problems, like diseases and pest infestation. This will help ensure that your lawn remains healthy for years to come.

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