A Lawn’s Guide to Winter Survival: Do’s & Don’ts

Lawn's Guide to Winter Survival

Winter in New England can either be exciting or treacherous, depending on your hobbies and commitments. If you enjoy skiing and have four-wheel drive, you may look forward to this time of year. If you prefer warm attire and beach days, chances are that you feel a bit blue.

Regardless of your feelings toward this season, it can be rather confusing from a lawn care standpoint. People tend to think that there is not much to do when it comes to taking care of their lawn, and they are right. However, the few items that homeowners must be aware of are critical to a healthy Spring season. Here are a few key reminders.

1. Mow early, mow often

While the fall foliage is settling in, be sure to keep mowing. It is very easy to underestimate how lengthy your grass has become when leaves are hiding the actual height.

lawn care for fall picture of tree fall foliage and leaves on ground. Fall Clean-up and winter survival for your lawn

2. Add fertilizer before winter sets in

Your yard will be covered in snow before you know it. Fertilizing your lawn before it is covered is essential because there is much less total and direct sunlight during this chilly season.

Fertilizing your lawn in preparation for winter

3. Be easy around the lawn

Trying to remove snow from your lawn is a bad idea. More often than not, people end up causing damage in the process. The snow will act as an insulation layer on top of your lawn and will help hydrate it when the snow begins to melt.

Lawn in the winter snow covering.


We hope that these tips are helpful! If you have follow up questions or would like to have us fertilize/winter prep your lawn, please send us an email at office@dracutlandscaping.com. Stay warm!

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