A Guide to Transforming Your Landscape for Summer

Transforming Your Landscape for Summer

Summer is the perfect time to take advantage of that spring yard growth and do something different with your landscape, especially if areas require special attention, such as the lawn or garden. That’s why the lawn installation professionals from Dracut Landscaping have collected this insightful guide for you here!

Start with the Lawn

If your lawn is brown and patchy every summer, investing in a new lawn installation in Dracut can be an easy way to revitalize your yard. It’s no secret that winters can take their toll, but some easy lawn installation methods, whether laying new sod or hydroseeding, will bring it back to life.

Planting During Summertime

Spring and summer are perfect times for planting new shrubs, flowers, and other additions to your yard and garden. The warm weather makes it ideal for working outside and trimming old growth to encourage new growth and experiment with some new additions to your landscape. Since summer is such a vibrant season, consider adding color by planting things like foxglove, roses, lavender, and geraniums.

Installing Hardscaping Features

Instead of solely focusing on your lawn and garden, you can also consider installing hardscaping features that will give your landscape a new look. You can create a backyard oasis by adding a simple stone walkway, fire pit, or patio, making it easier to get around in your garden. Doing so can also add unique textures to complement or contrast your overall landscape design adding great outdoor living space.

Planting Trees

If there’s one thing that is a top priority on those hot summer days, it’s shade, so consider installing some trees that can offer you ample shade during the years to come. Not only will they serve as a focal point for your yard and keep you comfortable on warmer days but also, they’re good for the environment. There is a wide range of tree species, from flowering trees to sprawling ones with elegant canopies. Of course, they’ll take some time to grow and are more of a long-term addition.

Create Distinct Areas

One fun thing to do with your landscape during summer is to think about it in terms of “zones.” Enjoy entertaining friends and family on weekends but also like to relax solo as well. You can create a place with elegant outdoor furniture for having cold ones, a nice glass of wine with friends, and a zone just for you, including a hammock or reading bench.

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