A Breakdown of Different Commercial Snow Plow Contracts

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If your business is considering hiring a commercial snow plowing company this winter season to handle nor’easters to wintry mix storms, you might be wondering what options are out there. That’s why Dracut Landscaping has collected some important insight for you here.

Below you’ll find the three most common types of commercial snow plow contracts offered by maintenance and landscaping companies!

1. Pay-Per-Event/Pay-Per-Push Services

One of the primary types of commercial snow removal contracts is when businesses pay for snow removal services only when there’s a snow event or snow on the ground. Often, the client will pay for snow removal services based on the depth of snow. For example, per-push services are priced on depth ranges like 2-4 inches, 4-6 inches, and upwards in similar increments. For retail establishments, pay-per-push services are often preferred.

2. Seasonal Commercial Snow Plow Contracts

For larger businesses, commercial snow plow contracts based on a seasonal basis are often preferred. These agreements typically last from two to three years and are active during each winter season. For those in places where there are often harsh winters and big snow storms, property managers and business owners benefit from the fixed price of such contracts. This type of snow removal contract makes managing an annual maintenance budget much easier.

3. Full-Service Seasonal Contracts

Lastly, the most advanced contract out there is a full-service seasonal contract, which also often includes pre-treatment of surfaces in advance of winter storms. This is often the most preferred type of contract for high-traffic facilities or high-risk properties that require specialized care. Often, the clients that opt for these services require a fast, efficient response and include corporate properties as well as hospitals and government facilities. These services also include safely clearing ice and other debris from all walkways and high-trafficked areas where there’s a slip-and-fall risk. For budgeting, payment plans can be set up for full season snow contracts, which can be paid over 4-8 months.

Why Choose Dracut Landscaping for your snow removal services?

At Dracut Landscaping, we have more than 30 years of experience helping businesses and commercial properties in the New England area stay safe during winter. We offer commercial snow plow contracts, as well as plowing, shoveling, and ice management solutions. Additionally, we provide year-round commercial and residential landscape maintenance. Contact us online today for a quote or call (978) 957-6243.

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