6 Steps for the Perfect New Lawn Installation

Steps for the Perfect New Lawn Installation

Even the most high-quality lawn will eventually need to be replaced. But you might be wondering about how the professionals go about performing lawn installation. That’s why the residential and commercial landscaping experts from Dracut Landscaping have collected all of the steps for you here!

Step 1: Removing Your Old Turf

When performing a new lawn installation site preparation is important, the first necessary step is to remove your old turf. This is often done using a variety of methods depending on the turf, such as employing the use of herbicides, heavy mulches, a sod cutter, or a hoe.

Step 2: Fixing Grade Problems

Next grading for proper a new lawn, it’s time to fix any bumps or dips in your yard. This is an important step to ensure your new lawn looks great and lasts for years to come without any soil erosion problems. Professionals will use heavy equipment to level out the surface of more damaged areas, and a landscaping rake for less problematic ones.

Step 3: Adding Nutrients to Your Soil

At this stage it’s important to prepare the soil, test your soil ph level and add any nutrients to ensure once your new lawn is installed, it will thrive. Depending on the quality of your soil, it may require additions such as starter fertilizer, organic matter, lime, or sulfur to enhance it.

Step 4: Raking & Firming Your Soil

Once your soil is ready to go, it’s time to prepare it for new lawn installation by raking it smooth and firming it down. You’ll need to till it and remove any rocks, stones, sticks, and other things that could be disruptive when laying turf. When firming your soil, professionals will often water it first then use a lawn roller to pack it down to prepare for the installation process.

Step 5: Installing Your New Lawn

After completing the steps above, it’s finally time to install your new lawn. This is when your landscaping company will plant your new lawn by either sod installation, hydro seeding, or using plugs, sprigs, or quality grass seed, depending on the type of grass you desire.

Step 6: Investing in Quality Lawn Care

Once your new lawn installation is complete, keeping it well-maintained is essential, which is why many invest in professional landscaping services. They’ll know precisely how to maintain your new lush green lawn, how much water it needs, and what type of nutrients to give it throughout the year.

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