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5 Hardscape Landscaping Tips to Prepare Your Outdoor Space for Winter

Winters in the Northeast can be harsh and unpredictable, so preparing your lawn and landscaping features is essential. Let’s not forget your hardscape features, walkways, stone walls, outdoor kitchens, patios,…

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12 Tips to Consider when Designing your Ideal Outdoor Living Space

In New England, we have three seasons ideal for enjoying outdoor living. You can even enjoy it in the winter if you design it correctly. Here are 12 tips to…

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Hardscaping Additions that Add Value to Your Home’s Landscape

Hardscape landscaping can boost the value of your home in two ways: by increasing your enjoyment of your outdoor areas and raising your property’s worth. It all comes down to…

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Boost Home Value with Hardscaping: Create Stunning & Functional Outdoor Spaces

Your home is more than just the walls and roof; it’s also the outdoor space that surrounds it. Investing in hardscaping, using non-living elements like stone, concrete, and metal in…

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